Favourite/Recommended WWDC Sessions

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Captain YukinoshitaHachiman Aug 17, 2017
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Here are my favourite WWDC Sessions (Updating)


Swift API Design Guidelines (Session 403)

This session tells you the style of Swift (Swifty)

It’s required if you would like to write Elegant Code

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Swift API Design Guidelines (on Swift.org)

Swift Naming Series (By ApollonianZhu on BiliBili)

[ Swift ]命名(一):基础

[ Swift ]命名(二):简明

[ Swift ]命名(三):行文流畅

[ Swift ]命名(四):处理专业名词

[ Swift ]命名(五):函数/方法命名

[ Swift ]命名(六):参数名

WWDC 2017

Introducing Core ML (Session 703)

This session introduces the framework CoreML, which helps you to develop apps including Machine Learning Technology

Offcial Introdution

Machine learning opens up opportunities for creating new and engaging experiences. Core ML is a new framework which you can use to easily integrate machine learning models into your app. See how Xcode and Core ML can help you make your app more intelligent with just a few lines of code.

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Introducing ARKit: Augmented Reality for iOS (Session 602)

This session introduces the framework ARKit, you can learn to make great apps with Augmented Reality from the session.

Offcial Introduction

ARKit provides a cutting-edge platform for developing augmented reality (AR) apps for iPhone and iPad. Get introduced to the ARKit framework and learn about harnessing its powerful capabilities for positional tracking and scene understanding. Tap into its seamless integration with SceneKit and SpriteKit, and understand how to take direct control over rendering with Metal 2.

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GitHub and the New Source Control Workflows in Xcode 9 (Session405)

Are you bored with command-line? Try to use git within Xcode which supports GitHub now!

P.S. There’re still plenty of BUGS, and I’ve lost my whole repository because of this (And finally restored my file with TimeMachine)

Offcial Introduction

Learn about the new tools in Xcode 9 for exploring the source control history of your projects. See how Xcode integrates with GitHub, and discover how the new source control navigator makes it easy to browse branches, tags, and detailed history and commit information.

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Designing Sound (Session 803)

You’ll learn what instruments make the iOS/watchOS built-in alert sounds from this(

Offcial Introduction

Design is not just about what people see, it’s also about what they hear. Learn about how sound design can help you create a more immersive, usable and meaningful user experience in your app or game, and get a glimpse of how the sounds in Apple products are created.

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WWDC2016 (English only)

Internationalization Best Practices (Session 201)

You can learn a lot about Locailization and Internationalization from this

Offcial Introduction

Following some simple practices when writing your app can help make it world-ready. Learn about what’s new, how to take greater advantage of existing frameworks, and review some common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Hear some ideas for going one step further and optimizing your app for different countries.

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WWDC2017 Localizing with Xcode 9

Going Server-side with Swift Open Source (Session 415)


Offcail Introduction

While the Swift language makes it easy to write software that is incredibly fast and safe by design, Swift being open source means you can use it on an even broader range of platforms, from mobile devices to the desktop and in the cloud. Come for an overview of available projects at Swift.org and examples of the community in action.

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Perfect, the best server-side swift framework


Creating Complications with ClockKit(Session 209)

Just like the title, this session will teach you how to create complications on the Watch Face.

Offcial Introduction

Making your app’s information available to users on Apple Watch is even easier in watchOS 2. Learn how to create custom complications for Watch faces using the new ClockKit framework and see how to provide data through numerous templates using text and images.

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Introducing Watch Connectivity (Session 713)

This will be helpful if you don’t know how to transfer data between iPhone and Apple Watch

Offcial Introduction

Getting information to your Watch app is crucial. Learn how to leverage NSURLSession to get your data from the Internet. Tap into the new WatchConnectivity framework for device to device communication and transferring of data. See real-world examples and learn best practices to understand when to use your WatchKit extension and when to leverage your iPhone app.

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